LIST n’ Sell Tour 2017 • Move Your Sellers!

LISTING Always Comes Before Selling... GML!
This year we move to an intensive action-packed training program that will have you immediately on top of your four functional responsibilites as a real estate sales professional...

PRöSPECTOR is Prospecting

You'll have more presentations with active sellers than ever before. Appointments that lead to listings is productive and progressive. All the way to a 30% marketshare. A proven strategy that'll put you in double figure monthly listings. Foothold breaks or re-enters markets quickly. Traction leverages one LISTING to two, two to four. Momentum retains marketshare with permanency, easily. No work, just smart easy protocols.

LISTiNG Pad is Presenting

A presentation with a viavble point of differeence and jam packed with value supported in an electeronic format like never before. You'll train on an engaging performance that will have you winning listings under your terms and conditions. No discounts no concessions. You'll lead, educate and influence property sellers with sales professionalism at an untouchable standard.

R2S is Communicating

The management of property seller expectation is achieved replacing this with professional value that has a capacity beyong compare. You'll position proce as a minor priority, remove unattainable expectations and creat value parameters beyond comparison and competitor comprehension.

Welcome Homes is selling

The sale of a property listed under a professional marketer, negotiator and communicator is a no brainer. You'll have the smarts to automate the this final component in the transaction. It will only ever be decribed as pure in the accolades of your clients.


The transition of your training from learning to earning will be made in the implementation. You'll follow a set course to take you from concept to practicality. In routine, operation and identifying refinement.